Hadiza Usman
Best Female Activist
Nigerian activist Hadiza Bala Usman started the popular #BringBackOurGirls campaign to raise awareness about the 2014 abduction of 276 Chibok schoolgirls by the terrorist group Boko Haram in Borno State, Nigeria.
Ahmed Gamal Ziada
Best Male Activist
Ahmed Gamal Ziada is a photojournalist from Egypt and was a videographer at an Egyptian news website. He was detained for two years for filming a fight between two cops and civilians, and was later framed for burning a building a building and assaulting two cops. He has shed light on the legal system in Egypt since his release.
"Stop the Bleeding"
Best Song
This song by Livesoul, Synik, and Pauline & The Kids was recorded for "Stop the Bleeding," a campaign fighting to end illicit financial flows from Africa.
"The Battle for Land"
Best Picture
From Human Pictures, this hybrid documentary/animated film explores forced mass displacement in Colombia.
Tony Maake
Best Photo
South African photographer Tony Maake won a Transparency International competition with this photo, which raises awareness of the lack of convenient taps for many.



The Honesty Oscars celebrate the stars who are working for transparency and accountability around the world. We all love an award-winning movie, but what's better than highlighting organizations, activists, and artists that are changing their countries for the better? Our nominees will engage and inspire you just as much as your favorite movie actors and actresses.

We care about this because transparency and accountability really matter. When money meant for health clinics go missing, or drugs meant for patients are stolen, people die. When funds allocated for education go astray or are mismanaged, children cannot learn. This is devastating because it perpetuates suffering, poverty, and inequality. That’s why we support and celebrate people that are finding creative ways to fix these problems.

So for the fourth year running, we’re rolling out the red carpet! Join thousands of others to vote above for your favorite entries; spread the word on social media; and help us “name and fame” accountability change-makers! Black tie optional.

The Accountability Lab catalyzes a new generation of active citizens and responsible leaders around the world. We are an incubator for accountability changemakers to develop and implement ideas for integrity in their communities. By enabling people to use information and knowledge to hold people in power to account, we help to unleash positive social and economic change.

ONE is an international campaigning and advocacy organization of more than 7 million people taking action to end extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa. ONE also raises public awareness and works with political leaders to demand greater transparency, so governments are accountable to their citizens.


We’re working to promote transparency and accountability around the world—but we can’t do it without you.

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Sharada Bhusal
Best Activist
Best Picture
"Corruption" by Radio & Weasel
Best Activist Anthem
Transparency International
Best Visual Effects
Open Duka
Best Special Effects
Open Budget
Best Visual Effects
Sely Martini
Best Activist in a Leading Role
Dr. Sley and Da Green Soljas
Best Activist Anthem
Rakesh Rajani
Best Director
Open Development Explained
Best Picture